The work and observations of Lonnie Francisco


An image I cooked up with my dude Jimmy Lean for his album “Dark Side of the Hoot”

Sinzi on the train in Chicago.


Cover art I designed & photographed for Mr. Valdez aka JIMMY LEAN. Listen/download the mixtape HERE.


Karlie and Steve.

Zabriskie Point. Death Valley, CA.

Antonioni filmed a movie of the same name here, which has a ton of really cool slow motion footage, some cool footage of LA and an epic orgy scene.

Death Valley, CA.

Front nugen safety-to-royale in Alhambra Fastslide in Pasadena. Backside backslide in Pasadena Frontside in DTLA.


All photos by Lonnie. All blading’s by Jeremy.

In Chinatown, Los Angeles.