The work and observations of Lonnie Francisco


Portrait I shot of Groundislava x Rare Times for Friends of Friends Music.

Portrait I shot of Groundislava for his forthcoming EP w/Rare Times on Friends of Friends Music. Listen here.

f33t teaser #2!

feeturing Robert Guerrero, Chris Haffey, Chris Farmer, David Sizemore, Victor Galicia, Jeremy Soderburg, Kruise Sapstein and Steven Cortez.

#f33t teaser no. 1

#f33t teaser no. 1 featuring Chris Farmer, Robert Guerrero, David Sizemore, Victor Galicia, Michael Obedoza, Jeremy Soderburg & Steven Cortez.


Lonnie and his camera

Zabriskie Point, Death Valley, CA

Me & a camera & the Valley of Death.

Cover art I shot for P. Morris “Debut” mixtape.

Live session I shot with Sinzi for Kera and the Lesbians.

Copped dat #yeezus #tape.